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In my own journey as a mama of four and a kindergarten teacher, I’ve experienced my fair share of what I like to call the behavioral cyclone—the sensation that the chaotic behaviors some children exhibit are doomed to continue spiraling further and further out of control.

That’s where this Activity Plan comes in.

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  • My top strategies for customizing your favorite activities to work for children with different abilities/levels of development
  • 5 Step-by-Step Alphabet Activities to help your students start building phonological awareness at their own pace
  • 5 Step-by-Step Number Activities to work on the 6 basic areas of math that preschoolers should be exploring
  • 5 Fun & Simple Crafts that are perfectly tailored to help preschoolers express their creativity and develop a wide range of skills from fine motor skills to sensory exploration - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions